Wood Flowers---New this week

 We have both Original (in several colors) and Customized! Stop by and take a look. Original come in 3 sizes: Lg ($19.50, Med ($15), Sm. ($9.95). Customized are all large (for now) at $24.50.


Pops of color


Hand painted metal spinning or hanging flowers.

Hand painted wood pictures with inspirational quotes. 

Ruth, the artist behind the work. 

Shades of blue. 

No kissing the Blarney Stone (this year)!


An array of colors shine through the front window, illuminating the desk with bright, spring colors.

Hand painted clover leaf hearts.

Metal pine trees and signs for Michigan and Michigan State fans alike. 

Sorry, due to Covid, no kissing the Blarney Stone this year. 

Winter Wonderland

While many might not be too happy during a Michigan snow storm, we find the beauty in the little things, even if it means we're buried in snow. 

Bottle tree.
See how the snow lands on top of the tree above the terrace. 
Snow is more like a decoration to these cement people. 

John shoveling snow out front. 

Light during the gray skies of Michigan winter

 These accent lamps have been our number one seller this season: selling up to 11 in one day, and one person even went home with 7!

The single lamps are only $32 and we name them for our favorite places to travel as magical reminders during this winter season. 

Sanibel (Island in Florida)
Cedarville (City in Ohio)
Suwanee River (Northern Florida)
Isadore (Town in Michigan)
Wilmington (City in North Carolina)
Apalachicola (City in Florida)