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MOTHERS' DAY gifts from Carlton Gardens

Last year we ran out of some of our most popular items by Mothers' Day. This year we have limited supplies of many of our nicest pieces of yard art. The gazing balls with stand are $119, and they go fast. The giant flowers made in Michigan---only 4 left are $134. We have a nice supply of 18" sun/moon, only $32.

Snap A Picture. Make Your Own

First-time guests sometimes ask: Do you make all this? Sure, we have a team of elves who work 7 days a week while we’re closed. Actually, we do make some items, and our theme posted on various signs is: “Snap a picture. Make your own.” That goes for everything we sell but especially our own items which are easy to make.

In the last several days I’ve been rummaging through John’s throw-away wood, experimenting with my paint-pens new and old designs.

John makes “pickets” from recycled wood and metal to stand among perennials. These are priced at $39/ea., but he’d prefer you make your own.

New Items

Metal flowers, $32 and $12
Hand painted items and more

Only $119 for the large gazing ball and stand. Last year most sold out by Mothers' Day.

3 colors umbrella bird feeders, only $20 ea.