New Look at the Gardens

People who visit often comment how much things have changed since they stopped by a couple of months before. We've given a new look to the front of our barn and to one of the gazebos, and I'm always adding more color with my cut-out fish or art boards out front by the road. My paintings are often requested for purchase, but I tell people to snap a picture and make their own---and I always tell them (if they are interested) where they can get the art supplies I use. Sometimes they trace my cut-outs. I don't have time make art and sell it, and that's based in part on a woman who wanted to purchase my cabin quilt painting on a 4x4 piece of plywood. I asked her how much she would be willing to pay; she said maybe $40. It took my upwards of 40 hours to complete (albeit over a few weeks, watching TV news at the same time), but I simply don't do my art for $1/hr---nor $10 or $15/hr.

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