Happy New Year!

What an amazing year it's been!

Here at the Gardens we are reminded every day of nature's beauty and the genuine curiosity of people coming in to explore our small, family business. We truly appreciate your support for the past 23 years and look forward to what this new decade brings not only our family, but our business and the West Michigan community!

From January through March, owners Ruth and John tend to travel for about a week to 10 days each month, so please call ahead if you are visiting from out of town. Most of the time the store will be covered by Carlton or Kayla, but please call ahead to make sure. We would hate for you to miss us.

From all of us, happy new year. Let's make 2020 something special. 

Fall is here!

Fall is in full effect here at the gardens!

From spooky flags and funky witches to guard the front yard, to decorative metal flowers and unique candles and other gifts - we have all things FALL for you here at the shop.

Come on in! Check us out.

This is what you see as you enter our main store---after you've visited more that a dozen shops out back, passing the waterfall and gardens filled with yard art.

As you move along you are on our inside deck that extends the full length of the building, hang a right, go up the ramp, straight ahead is our 3-season garden room, to the right is the interior shop--lots of clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry.

New Items

Most of what you see will be available when you stop by, but many things like the roosters and large flowers are one-of-a-kind so if they sell you might be able to order a similar item but not exactly the same. We are constantly re-ordering so that new items arrive almost every week. The flock of flamingos by the pond always brings a smile as they dance in the breeze---and made in a little factory close by in Holland, Michigan.